Have a look on Luxurious Tiny Home on Wheels by Fritz Tiny Homes

If you are looking for luxurious tiny home on wheels then here you are at right place as we going to share with you detail of luxurious tiny home on wheels. This tiny house has been built by Canadian couple, Heather and Kevin Fritz in their newly formed studio, Fritz Tiny Homes.

They have built such a nice tiny home keeping in mind the harsh climate in Canada as it can hit -40 ºC (-40 ºF) during the winter months. Builders of head turning tiny home told us over chat as here.

“When we decided we were going to build our first tiny home, I refused to look at other tiny homes,” Kevin tells New Atlas. “I said, ‘let’s look at homes that we love’ and our goal was to build a tiny home that did not look anything like a tiny home. You need to be deceptive in tiny design in order for it to look good. You have to make it look big and look interesting and look all these things, but in reality you’re dealing with a shoe box. There’s a challenge to that, and I enjoyed that challenge. We wanted to build what I like to call a legacy building, something that will outlive all of us.”

The tiny home on wheel measures 24 ft in length and 8.5 ft in width. It sits on frame made from timber with two by four stud construction. The exterior is claded with a mix of seam steel siding and wood textured aluminum panels. This tiny home is fitted with closed-cell spray foam insulation.

“Our goal was to create a very tight, long-lasting and energy-efficient building,” says Kevin. “The challenge with a tiny home is that you want to minimize the thickness of your walls while doing it. If you add an inch to thickness, that’s two inches over the whole building, and that’s a lot of space percentage-wise. So, we decided to use a closed-cell spray foam insulation. It performs better than everything else, especially in this context where we’re not having thick walls. Plus, it adds rigidity to the tune of 300 to 400 percent, critical for a building that’s going to get pulled behind a truck down the highway.”

Couple said that the cost to build this tiny home is approx CAD$160,000 to $200,000 (US$126,700 to $158,400).


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