Trifan 600 is expected to fly by End of 2024

XTI Aircraft and Xeriant have joined hands to build “fastest and longest-range VTOL in the world”. Named as Trifan 600, the VTOL is expected to fly by the end of 2024. The long-range Trifan 600 will fly with 8 passengers from helipad to helipad with an impressive speed of upto 345 mph (555 km/h) and range up to 750 miles.

These figures are impressive and will dominate the eVTOL. The only range is 7 times higher then the most urgan eVTOLs promising. Its not a pure eVTOL as it will be powered by a hybrid system instead of simple battery-electric powertrain. High-powered batteries will enable eVTOL to manage takeoff and landing.

“We feel like the initiation of this relationship puts us on the road to certification,” said XTI Aircraft CEO Bob LaBelle at a launch event at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. “We’re very confident we’ll be the first commercial long-range, fixed-wing vertical takeoff and landing plane. The market has been waiting for this for a long time.”

But of course before it can start delivering them, it needs to get this thing certified. “One of the big things I’d like to emphasize,” said LaBelle, “is that we don’t need a whole new set of regulations to fly this. We’re gonna certify under currently-available FAA regulations. And we also don’t need charging infrastructure, or new runways, we can operate perfectly within the current national airspace system of this country or any other country.”

For more watch below video.


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