MM01 is Multi-purpose Tiny House and Serves as Home Office too

Two people who use the MM01 as a vacation home and base for outdoor activities in rural Austria commissioned it. Although the interior is relatively small, Christian Tonko, the architect, offsets this with a thoughtful layout that even manages to fit a home office.
The interior of the MM01 is divided into four equally sized rooms that are each 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size: a bedroom, a living/workspace, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The living/workspace, which occupies the home’s centre, is furnished with a few chairs and an office desk that can be conveniently rolled out from underneath the bed unit. The kitchenette, which includes a dishwasher and washing machine, likewise closes up when not in use, as do other storage cabinets that also double as partitions.

Glass doors glide open to let the prevailing air naturally cool the house, while curtains are fitted for privacy. The house also offers a spacious terrace space with furniture for seating and dining.


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