Raised Timber Tiny Cabin Columba features its Built-in Slide

Madeiguincho, which also creates cabins and treehouses, is most renowned for its tiny dwellings like the Adraga and Baleia. Columba, a recently finished family hideaway in rural Portugal, has some cool amenities including a little slide at the entry and a rooftop deck area.

Madeiguincho refers to the Columba as a “treehouse,” yet it is not actually affixed to a tree like a traditional treehouse. However, two close-by pine trees provide shade.

It is elevated above the ground on wooden stilts and mostly made of wood, providing a convenient covered area for family meals. The cabin can be reached by steps, but in a surprising turn, the designers channelled their inner kids and included a small metal slide as a pleasant method for people of all ages to descend to the ground.


The interior, which is accessed through a tiny porch area, is decorated with wood and cork to break up the monotony. Simple wooden shutters assist regulate the amount of light that enters. The 260 sq ft (about 24 sq m) of accessible floorspace is primarily occupied by one sizable room that functions as a combined living area and bedroom, with built-in bench seating and a simple kitchenette with sink and cupboards, as well as a dining area and some seating.


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