Most Visited Tourist attractions in Romania

Romania is located at the cross roads of central Eastern and Southeast Europe. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest. It is filled with mountain resorts, attractive old towns, a prestigious art community, and Gothic era. Here is a look at the 11 best places to visit in Romania.


The architecture of city is a mix of era and styles with medieval cobbled streets, art deco masterpieces, Baroque palaces and great boulevards. The city boasts an excellent range of museums. In terms of entertainment the world famous Romanian Athenaeum offers amazing concerts performed by prestigious artists, while in Bucharest old city Lipscani district, amuse visitors with its shaking mix of art, hip café and antique shops. Bucharest has a lot going on in term of culture and nightlife.

The city comprises the largest Parliament building in the world with12 stories and 3,100 rooms. This building was constructed in 1984.


Sighisoara is one of the best place to visit in Romania due to its beautiful preserved walled town. During the 12th century German merchant and craftsman Transylvanian Saxons were invited here by the king of Hungry to defend the frontier. Every July a Medieval festival take place in the old citadel. The Clock tower is the landmark of the city, a 64 210 feet high tower build in 1556.

3-The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Bucovina is a land of splendid natural scenery, centuries old traditions and villages of Bucovina. This area is divided between Ukraine and Romania. The painted Monasteries of Bucovina comprises stunning collection of art work of 15th and 16th century frescoes featuring portraits of prophets and saints, images of angels and demons, hell and heaven and scenes from the life of Jesus.

Most of them have been included in the UNESCO world heritage list due to their exceptional artistic values, uniqueness, authenticity and beautiful surroundings. The best preserved locations are Sucevita, Patrauti, Moldovita, Arbore, Humor and Church of St. George.

4-Prahova Valley

For mountain lovers Prahova valley is the country’s most famous destination. Having fabulous history, rich artistic culture and stunning natural landscape, the valley warmly welcomes every visitor. Peles castle, related to king Corol-1 of Romania and Sinaia Casino which hosted grand parties for European elite are also very popular tourist points. The valley is located about 100 Km north of Bucharest between Romania’s Eastern and Southern Carpathians.

5-The Danube Delta

One of the most unique place in Romania and a UNESCO natural world heritage site is the Danube Delta. It keeps about 3000 animal species, 23 natural eco systems and 300 types of birds. The Danube Delta spans 4152 Sq Km marshes, lakes, islands and sand banks, providing visitors splendid natural beauty and chances for wild life and bird watching. The spectacular sunsets and taking a slow boat ride on the river are highly recommended activities. The towns of Sfantu Gheorghe and Sulina offer some nice beaches for fantastic day-out.


Located in the northernmost corner of Romania, Maramures seems miles away from the modern world. It’s a place, where people still grow animals for food and use horse-drawn carts to travel, where tools and household items are still handcrafted by local artisans, and where agriculture is main occupation of locals.

The main attractions in Maramures are wooden churches, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta and numerous museums in cities of Sighetu Marmatiei. The region hosts to countless natural protected areas as the Creasta Cocosului, Geological Reserve ,Pietrosul Rodnei Wildlife Reserve, and the Chiuzbaia Fossil Reserve  making the place wonderful destination for rock climbing ,trekking,  snowboarding, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Choose to stay in a private home for a completely unique experience in Maramures, this will offer you the opportunity to observe daily life of locales, indulge in their homemade food, and explore.

7-Black sea coast

Romania’s black sea coast keeps different beaches resorts for all tastes and budgets. Stretching 275 km from Danube Delta to Bulgaria, the gateway of Romania’s sea side is excellent base to visit with its busy port, bars, restaurants and museums .Mamaia is considered premier summer destination of Romania, other famous beaches are Costinesti,Olimp,Neptum,Eforie Nord Navodari and spa town of Mangalia.


Located in Transylvania, this city is belonged to 12th century .Grand square, Barouqe buildings, Brukenthal palace including many oldest museums are best places to see in this city. Visitors can also explore remnants of forts used to defend the city hundreds of years ago.


Brasov boosts everything from old world charm to modern city life and fantastic natural landscape. The city is considered a mountain resort with ice skating and skiing opportunities for visitors. Rope Street, the narrowest street of the city may be explored by visitors.


Sinaia is a famous tourist site to enjoy some pretty great downhill skiing in the winter and hiking in summer. A monastery is located in the city which contains a copy of first printed Bible in the Romania. The town is also famous for pretty flowers.


This city is famous for many vintage icons, religious objects, 11 tower and Timisoara orthodox cathedral. Located in Western Romania, it was first European city to have electric street lights. Dating back to the 13th century, once this area was part of Ottoman Empire.

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