PredictGaze pauses the TV if no Person in the Room

Imagine you are watching TV and sudden you want to eat something but you also don’t want to leave the room because the show you are watching is your favorite.  You try your level best but could not find remote control.  You leave the room to go the kitchen to get something to eat.  The TV pauses by itself.  This is the tech in PredictGaze.


Predictgaze pauses TV when no person in the room
Predictgaze pauses TV when no person in the room

This tech is really amazing as hardware can detect that there is no person watching the TV and it pauses by itself.  The developers have developed it with a standard webcam.  For this function back-facing camera of iPad has been used.

As per PredictGaze team, this camera can detect up to four feet (1.2 meters) away.  Its 4MP camera can detect the faces from 12 feet (3.7 meters) away.

Pausing the TV by itself is not only one function that predictGaze can do.  They have also developed an iPad that can detect the face of the person using Facebook.  If they handover the iPad to another person it will close the screen to secure the private information of the actual users.

PredictGaze has some amazing ideas for the future.  The company also proposes the possibility of its software which can detect the age of the persons in a room.  By this it can block the inappropriate contents on the TV detecting the person under certain age limit.  The co team is also in process to find out the ways to track eye, emotion, gender and gesture as well.   Using something to detect emotion, developers could find out that what parts of their application caused users to smile and other emotion.

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