Bras withTech to warn about Breast Cancer

You have previously known about the bras that monitor heart rate or help women to search for a husband. BSE (breast self exam) bras has been developed by First Warning System seems to be the best of the undergarments arrived yet adding the functionality to warn about the breast cancer to the wearer.  Sensors have been used into cups.  These sensors detect variations in temperature on breast surface which can indicate a tumor growing in it.

First Warning has been given several numbers of US patents for breast surface temperature technology.  This technology will continuously monitor the wearer’s breast when embedded within a bra.  The moment variations in temperature, its sensors indicate the same due to growth of blood vessels that grow in the breast to supply cancerous tissue with blood.

The company claims that bra shows a greater accuracy level up to 90% returned in 3 clinical trials.  The company reported this after trials involving of 650 participants of all ages.  The co also claims that bra offers regular monitoring through data from the sensors transferred to a wireless module integrated into the device that submits it to a computer or mobile to internet for analysis.

The co plans to commercialize the BSE bra in Europe next year and in US 2014 due to pending FDA approval.   No info about pricing still arrived.

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