Tour De Quebec Repere Boreal’s Uhu Cabin on Stilts

Most of the small homes we see are on wheels, but the Quebec-based company Repère Boréal has built its Uhu micro cottage on stilts. The residence, which is situated in a stunning area of rural Canada, is elevated 10 m (almost 33 ft) above the forest floor and has a very small interior to guarantee that the attention is on the lovely view.

The Uhu, also known as the Owl in Innu, is finished in wood and metal and may be reached through a connected footbridge and a separate spiral staircase. Although the interior’s precise proportions are unknown, it is obviously quite compact, and its large amount of glazing dominates the room. Additionally, skylights enhance the amount of interior natural light.

The living, eating, and bathroom areas take up the majority of the interior space. A tiny kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, two-burner electric stove, a small oven, a sink, and cabinets has been fitted by Repère Boréal. There is a separate toilet right next to the glass-enclosed shower, which means there isn’t much privacy if you’re sharing the area with someone else. A floor-to-ceiling window and a tiny breakfast bar with enough for two people are both located next to the double bed. With the help of an air conditioner and underfloor heating, the cabin is kept at a suitable temperature.

When Repère Boréal’s founders received their father’s land inheritance, the idea was born. They laboriously transformed the woodland site into a “eco-tourism” attraction in his honour, with 34 cabins available for rent, the newest of which is the Uhu.

This modest hut can accommodate up to two persons and is available for rent if you’d want to stay there for a while. There is further information at the following website.

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