Macdonald tiny house is Ready for off-grid Adventure

A couple that want to spend their retirement travelling throughout North America hired Canada’s Fritz Tiny Homes. The Macdonald, which is outfitted for adventure and has a full off-the-grid setup, was officially created by the company. It has some lovely added details, such as a sofa that converts into bunk beds for visitors and an e-bike garage.

The Macdonald is built on a triple-axle gooseneck trailer and measures 32 feet (10 metres), which is approximately normal for a tiny home in North America today. It has a conventional small house fa├žade and is finished in aluminium.

A covered porch area with a small deck is used by guests to enter the house through the front door. Due to the extensive glazing and light colours, the interior is light and airy. Large windows in the living area include pull-down blinds that may be used as a projection screen for movies (the projector is installed on the wall nearby). The owners’ adult sons can stay in the couch bed, which can also be converted into bunk beds, in the living room. There is also a sizable closet for storage.


The dining room and kitchen are close together. This has a second door leading outdoors and a tiny dining table as well as a card table because the owners enjoy playing cards. A full-size refrigerator, a pantry, cupboards with drawers, a three-burner propane stove, a sink, and a microwave are all included in the kitchen.


While the bathroom appears to be quite small, Fritz Tiny Homes was able to include a washer/dryer, a composting toilet, a concrete vanity sink, as well as some storage space and a shower with a small tub.

From the restroom, a short flight of stairs ascends to the Macdonalds’ bedroom. This little home provides enough of room for the owners to stand up straight, which is undoubtedly a convenient feature. There is a double bed and a sizable closet in there. A tiny foldable work space is also included in one of the wardrobes.

Either a typical RV connection or a rooftop solar array connected to batteries provides power to the Macdonald. Together with the underfloor heating, a mini-split air conditioner helps to keep the interior at a suitable temperature. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this model will cost.



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