Novel Off-Grid Tiny House let the Resident slide out the Bed for Stargazing

Ample designed Stella the Stargazer after being commissioned to design a small house for the Australian tourist and events organization Visit Victoria. The off-grid residence’s rustic exterior, which resembles a remote farm hut from a distance, conceals a cozy interior with a clever trick up its sleeve: its bed can be dragged out to allow guests sleep outside beneath the stars.

Stella the Stargazer is built on a triple-axle trailer and is around 10 m (32 ft) in length and 2.4 m (almost 7 ft) in width (7.8 ft). In order to give Ample a distinctive shed-like look, it made use of ancient steel components that were acquired from a disused farm hut in rural Penshurst, Victoria, as well as reused corrugated iron and hardwood.

That stargazing bed is undoubtedly the most distinctive aspect of the little abode. Visitors may physically raise the glass wall and slide out the bed when the weather is appropriate.

“To break away from the trailer footprint, we have incorporated fold-up corrugated eaves, large steel framed East-orientated glazing, and an operable gas strut window,” explained Ample. “Through this primary aperture, our bed platform rolls out and cantilevers from the trailer base. This treehouse-like element is covered from above by the¬†Kundig-esque¬†window and protected from bugs by a mosquito net hung at points from the window frame.”

Through a deck area and sliding glass doors, guests can access the kitchen, which features a small fridge, sink, cabinets, a propane-powered stove, a wood-burning burner that also serves as a hotplate, and a small fridge. The inside is given a lot of character by the use of salvaged wood and porthole-style windows. Additionally, another operable window opens onto the deck area, making it simpler to serve food and beverages.

The little home also has a dining room table and a small living room with a sofa. Behind the kitchen is a bathroom that likewise embraces the shack-like design with burnished steel, copper, and brass plumbing fixtures.

Stella the Stargazer is completely off the grid, powered by a solar panel system, batteries, and an autonomous backup generator. Additionally, it features additional tanks to hold waste and greywater, as well as a rainwater collection system that can be filled off with fresh water.

For eight weeks at a time, the little house will be parked in various sites across Victoria. It is currently on its way to Central Gippsland. Bookings begin at AUD 330 (about US$210) if you’d prefer to spend a night outside on your own.



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