Zarb-Cousin’s 1970s inspired Cocktail Bar wins 2021 Shed of the Year

After shortlisting earlier this year, the winner of the Cuprinol 2021 Shed of the year competition has been declared now. Danielle Zarb-Cousin, a social media influencer and Model wins the award for her chic 1970s-inspired cocktail bar, Crème the Menthe.

After breaking up with her fiancé, Zarb-Cousin decided to build Create Crème de Menthe during his stay with her parents at while start o the England’s COVID-19 lockdown.

She was in search to a project while stuck at home. She got an old brown shed from her parent’s backyard and decided to transform it into a retro-themed cocktail bar. First she painted the shed exterior a mint green color in three days then got authentic 1970s-era furniture and some decorative items from charity stores for interior. Additionally the shed is also used for blog writing along with serving drink, get relax and enjoy some personal space. Zarb-Cousin is now also writing a book there too.

“I’m really drawn to that era,” explains the enthusiastic sheddie. “I love Elvis and Johnny Cash, and artists like that, so I made this whole moodboard and I didn’t want it to be a gimmicky or fancy dress-type 70s, I wanted it to be more authentic.

“I really hope it encourages young people to get a bit more creative and stop replacing things with brand new things. With my generation, everything is just so easily accessible. You can order something and have it so quickly, but it’s a throwaway culture. I’m still working on the book because I want it to be perfect, and I always sit in the shed and write because it’s just so peaceful and quiet and I can really focus. I’ve also started writing some short stories, and I do that all from the shed.”

Zarb-Cousin has received a prize amount of US$1,400 that she will spend to buy a plaque and some Cuprinol garden products.


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