Hi, my smart readers!! I hope you will be alright. I am very glad to see you every time in my diary. Today I bring a little different place to discuss. Baku, the capital and business hub of an Asian country, could be a low-lying town with an outline on […]

Hi, my smart readers!! I hope you’ll be alright. Today I am Going to show you Best Tourist attraction in Moscow, throughout any season, at any hour of the day, Moscow thrills guests with its superior skill, history, and loftiness. Moscow is Russia’s capital and its cultural, economic and political […]

Lunar Eclipse started from California on Sunday Night. Super blood Wolf Moon Amazing Super blood Moon lunar Eclipse in Madrid     Super Blood Moon in Panama Lunar eclipse in Burgeton Lunar Eclipse in Brussels   Lunar Eclipse in Germany Saint Elizbeth Church In England Spelld Hurst Wonderful Super blood […]

Named as  Adapt BB and equipped with self-lacing system, Nike is going to launch new self-lacing basketball shoes. When users put the feet into shoes, a motor and gear train take over and adjust the tightness of shoes automatically. Just before Christmas, Nike revealed that its redesigned self-lacing shoes would […]

Once Imam Ali ibn-E-Abi Talib (A.S) was delivering speech to His Followers in the Mosque of Kufa, suddenly Imam Ali (PBUH) stopped and replied to a greeting (Salam). People asked O commander of faithful no one came here from now then to whom You replied in response to the greeting. […]

Events are the amazing thing People want to enjoy it. At the beginning of New Year (2019), there are some top 10 upcoming events, which will be going to celebrate in the United State of America (USA). Everyone’s wishes are to join the party or event which looks different and […]