Discover the Futuristic Vortex: Tencent’s Four-Tower HQ Unveils Twisting Marvel in Shenzhen

Büro Ole Scheeren has unveiled plans for the Tencent Helix, an innovative project set to become the new global headquarters for tech giant Tencent in Shenzhen, China. The development, situated in a burgeoning district comparable in size and shape to Midtown Manhattan, features four interconnected twisting towers. With a colossal 500,000 sq m of floorspace—nearly twice that of Apple Park in California—the project is a massive undertaking.

The towers will vary in height, with the tallest reaching an impressive 153 m (501 ft), solidifying its status as a true skyscraper. The exterior design will showcase intricate prismatic glazed panels, allowing ample daylight to permeate the interior. Surrounding the towers is the Vortex Garden, a large lush central garden providing green space and fresh air for the staff.

Inside the building, the Vortex Incubator will be located beneath the garden, featuring multiple recreational spaces naturally illuminated by a skylight. Büro Ole Scheeren, known for its unconventional designs in China, has yet to announce the completion timeline for the Tencent Helix, but given the scale of the project, it is expected to be a multi-year endeavor. Notably, Ole Scheeren, the studio head, previously collaborated on the iconic CCTV building in Shanghai with Rem Koolhaas.

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