BBJ now equipped with Aeroloft

If you are a rich person and have your own flying get.  If you are state head you may have your own BBJ 747-8 Jet.  Nine people have already purchased their Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 747-8 from Boeing.  Now co has introduced “Aeroloft” an eight person sleeping area, a new accessory to the BBJ.



The Aeroloft has been specifically introduced and designed by Greenpoint Technologies for aircraft, a Washington based co.  The Aeroloft is installed on the upstairs of the plane having capacity for eight person sleeping and changing area.

It keeps a 393 square feet space of the cabin.  Yesterday aircraft was delivered to an secret client and should enter in service from 2014.  Two more aircraft BBJ 747 equipped with  Aeroloft are in process to be delivered in this year.

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