Hardwire Armor Systems created bulletproof whiteboard

Keeping in view the horrible event, occurred last month in Newtown, there is a rise in products designed to protect the children against shooting in schools. One of these products is bulletproof dry-erase whiteboard.

Hardwire Armor Systems' ballistic whiteboard
Hardwire Armor Systems’ ballistic whiteboard

This bulletproof ballistic whiteboard is made by Hardwire Armor, a Maryland-based Hardwire co, to be fixed/kept around the classroom by the teacher, who would ordinarily use it as a non-intimidating-looking teaching aid. Its weight is less tha 4 Pounds (1.8KG), having rubberized handle on its back.

God forbid, in the event of an attack, the idea is that the teacher could grab the bulletproof whiteboard and get it between the shooter and the children to keep both, themselves and children safe from shooter. Thanks to Dyneema which introduced a polyethylene-based material to be used in this bullet-proof whiteboard. As per co reports, the board is capable of absorbing multiple clips of bullets from point-blank without any reverberation or injury.

You can submit a purchase order on Hardwire website for $299.

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