Chinese Company plans to launch artificial moon in 2020

china plans to launch artificial moon

Chairman of China private Aerospace Institute Chengdu says that company will launch an artificial moon in the space in 2020.  After this news of artificial moon, there are lot of questions and points, even people making a joke.

Company executive says that all technological arrangements have been made to launch artificial moon in the space and after that there will be no need of street lights as it will provide light 8 times more than the moon.

china artificial moon

How artificial moon works

Artificial moon works like a mirror as it diverts sunlight to the earth. The artificial moon will revolve at height of 500 KM above the earth and it will enlighten an area of 10 to 80 KM. Experts say that this is cheap idea than streets lights as 175mn dollars can be save annually by artificial moon for 50 sq KM.

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