Happy Birthday Miracle Baby Girl Lessi Sherrif

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Miracle baby girl Lessi Sherrif celebrated her first birthday on 19th Oct. Doctors called the baby girl as miracle girl because her mother gave birth her in 27th month of pregnancy and at that time her weight was just 1.4 Pound. Till the age of just 5 days, she has to face heart attacks two times.

happy birthday to miracle girl

Her mother gave birth her after an urgent operates. Miracle girl has to undergo surgery after her birth. During the treatment her heart stopped working two times for 22 minutes.

Doctors at Saint Gorge Hospital said that we were amazed that how this baby girl will survive. Miracle girl was discharged in Feb, 2018 after staying in Saint George Hospital for 111 days for treatment. Doctors says that there is need of another surgery at the age of 13 years.

st george hospital


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