Kuckoo’s Emma is Teardrop Camper with Panoramic Interior

Germany’s Kuckoo Camper entered into Germany’s market two years ago by introducing its head-turning Bruno squaredrop featuring indoor/outdoor kitchen and rooftop deck. Now its again back with its new teardrop camper dubbed as Emma. Kuckoo follows the same innovation as in Bruno but shedding the size making it breezier, providing more space thanks to its panoramic interior featuring big glass doors and windows.

Kuckoo unveiled its Emma porotype at CMT show in Stuttgart. We’ve only some information about the camper as its still in process development. Kuckoo Emma weighs only 882 lb (400 kg), gets 11.4 feet of length 3 feet less than Bruno. Its quite light-weight and towable to many vehicles.

Source newatlas.com


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