14 Most Popular Solar Powered Camping Trailers

Caravans are towable camping trailer which travelers bring with them where a road vehicle can go. These camping trailers are home for travelers with all necessaries like in a home and they stay outdoor while the travel. With the passage of time caravans are now equipped with more accessories to make a camping trailer more joyous and comfortable.

Camping trailer consist kitchen, bathroom, dining place, workstation and storage space for traveling accessories. From a couple to family of many, camping trailer can accommodate them well. Camping trailers are made from solid material like metal or fiberglass.

The days have where travelers need to keep lantern to enlighten their place as now camping trailers are equipped with solar system to provide full time power to the camping trailers. Here we have finalized a list of caravans and camping trailer which are equipped with solar system.

1-Avida Off-Road Caravan

Avida is an Australian off-road caravan and accommodates a big family.

2-Bowlus Off-road Solar Powered Caravan

Bowlus has introduced its Road Chief solar powered camping trailer with aluminum skinned body.

3-Bruder EXP-6 Off-road Caravans

Bruder EXP-6 is storm-proof off-road camping trailer capable of accommodating adults of average and above-average height. Go anywhere with this customizable caravan.

4-Colorado Camping Trailer

Colorado is a solar-powered off-road teardrop camping trailer. It can accommodates only two persons so its most recommended for couple outdoor traveling.

5-Dethleffs E-Home Coco Caravan

E-Home Coco caravan is all electric caravan and features roof-mounted solar panels to run off-grid. It accommodates a family of 6 like with full accessories.

6-Dunraven Off-grid towable Camping Trailer

Dunraven is bus-size six-wheeled off-grid towable camping trailer which accommodates whole family. Its a cozy living camping trailer that carries outdoor kitchen, off-grid power system and standing-height interior that sleeps five to six people.

7-HC1 by Happier Camper Trailer

HC1 camping trailer is modular, wonderfully designed as per both perspective personality and functionality,  with modular interior camping trailer by Happier Camper. It has a large rear hatch for easy access. HC1 is light-weight camping caravan with built in USB, AC power sockets and tablet docking station.

8-Lotus Off Grid Luxurious Solar Powered Caravan

If you want to sleep with comfort while wild adventure then this cozy and comfortable caravan is your best friend. It measures a length of 4.3 m and designed specially for outdoor and wild adventure. The Off Grid caravan is equipped with all accessories to keep you entertaining while you are outdoor.

9-Sinergi Caravan from Australian Off Road

Sinergi is solar-powered off-grid camping trailer by Australian Off Road. Measuring the length of approx 7 m, the caravan is equipped with all life essentials. Sinergi costs around AU$144000.

10- KZ’s Sonic X Camping Trailer

Sonic X features carbon fiber body to reduce the overall weight and enhance the durability of the caravan. The camping trailer is equipped with 1000-watt roof-mounted solar array to push the boundaries of outdoor adventure.

11-Cool Beans Teardrop Camping Trailer

Cool Beans is a two person teardrop camping trailer by Australian campers. The trailer measures a length of 4.7 m and get energy from a powerful solar power system.

12-GoSun Camp365 Solar-Powered Camping Trailer

With its extensive line of solar-powered camping supplies, GoSun has gained a solid foothold in the adventure gear sector, and it has now entered the outdoor shelter market for the first time. The recently released GoSun Camp365 trailer is equipped with onboard systems for cooking, washing, and refrigeration, all while remaining true to the company’s DNA by powering them all with energy from the Sun. It is built for the whole off-grid experience.


13-Polydrop Solar Powered Camping Trailer

The teardrop trailer was reinvented as an angular transportable personal retreat by California business Polydrops as a means of escaping the outside world in 2019. It has returned with a new, more comfortable interior that is outfitted with all the amenities of a towable hotel room. With its robust lithium battery bank that is charged by solar energy, all-weather HVAC system, and available kitchenette, the new P17A supports off-grid life. You may unplug for up to six days at a time in this cozy, climate-controlled little house.


14-Bruder EXP-6 Camping  Trailer


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