Dookan two-storey Hammock Tent lifts Glamping off the Ground

A brand-new company aims to create a camping experience unlike any other by fusing the natural components of earth, water, and air. The Dookan tent stands up over the ground on short or extended legs, lifting campers for a breezier, more scenic night. It’s kind of like a rooftop tent without the car. The flat suspended floor provides near-trampoline levels of comfort for those inside, and additional sleepers can hang hammocks from the ceiling and hang below it over the ground. The adaptable tent may also be erected on the water, either at the edge of the shoreline or while floating out on two paddleboards.

We have camped outside with tents. In the shadow of camp and beach awnings, we have taken baths. We’ve slept in tents on rooftops. In tree tents, we have swayed beneath redwoods that reach the sky. And we’ve at least seen lifted tents with cot-like floors and floating tents, but we haven’t really used either. The New York-based firm behind The Dookan tent has chosen to go by the name Handybro, and it aims to incorporate aspects of each of those into a single shelter designed for car camping, beach lounging, and lake cruising.

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