First Floating City now one step closer to reality

world first floating city

The concept of self-sustaining communities and ocean living is now one step closer to the reality as San-Fransisco Seasteading Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with French Polynesia government. Seasteading Institute was established in 2008 and is on its way to develop the idea of self-sustaining communities on the rising sea levels. A pilot project has already been completed in 2013 in Netherlands partnering with Delta Sync. Hopefully the construction will be started as early as 2019.

Randolph Hencken, the executive director of Seasteading Institute told Pacific Beat that this contract will be a turning point for their organization.

In order to protect the pioneering initiative, a legal framework will be completed in next two years. The memorandum will also ensure all the due diligence regarding the economic and environmental impact of such a project will be undertaken.

“Mr Hencken said the detail of political autonomy needed to be negotiated and considered under the sovereignty of French Polynesia and France, of which French Polynesia is a territory,” Pacific Beat wrote.

The Pacific Islands is the suitable because of its sheltered waters, Mr Hencken said. Building in open ocean is also possible but not feasible as economically.

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world first floating city

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