Height of Trust-Herdsman and Scholar

Once there lived a herdsman in a village. Everyday he has to take his cattle to other side of river for grazing. He has to use a boat to take his cattle to other side of that river. One day he listened a scholar while grazing his cattle that if someone recites Bismillah (In the name of Allah the beneficent and merciful) with faith then he can cross the river walking on the water without anything. The herdsman was so excited and happy as his daily problem was solved. From the next day he came near to the river bank and recited Bismillah and cross the river with his cattle.

One day he decided to invite the scholar to his home. So he invited and scholar accepted his invitation.  When they reached on the river bank, scholar asked where is boat to cross the river. The herdsman replied that there is no need of boat. Then herdsman recited Bismillah and entered into the river while scholar was standing on the bank of river. The scholar was so surprised and praised his height of trust. 

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