Jeep micro-camper has Enough specs to run the Wrangler across the Map

If the all-electric CJ Surge idea made you yearn for the utilitarian minimalism of Jeep’s past, the brand had another display at SEMA that might catch your eyes. Although it wasn’t the compact, bare-bones Wranger 4×4 that some long for, it would look fantastic behind one. The Addax Overland trailer was created by a Utah-based team of vehicle experts who had previously broken the land speed record on the renowned Bonneville Salt Flats. It is a military-grade off-road carrier and micro-camper. The trailer appears intriguing for any serious outdoor camper or overlander, to the point where it debuts as an official Jeep trailer thanks to an unusual licensing deal.

It feels like a pretty damn excellent approach to start an off-road trailer company to partner with one of the most recognisable names in go-anywhere off-roading and overlanding. And that’s exactly the strategy that Addax Overland took when it co-debuted the Jeep Branded Edition by Addax Overland trailer at SEMA 2022 last week, announcing itself as a brand at the same time. Although several off-road trailers have debuted in photos behind a Wrangler or other Jeep model, the Addax claims ultimate bragging rights by prominently displaying Jeep’s name. It is the result of a one-of-a-kind licensing agreement, the company claims.

Jeep evidently still values utilitarian, simple military-inspired design, at least when it comes to placing its name on a trailer. Modern Jeep cars may include more superfluous fluff than hard-core off-roaders would desire. The Addax Overland is a military surveillance trailer-inspired design that weighs only 850 lb (386 kg) dry, making it possible to add various rooftop tents and still come in at little under 1,000 kg (454 kg).


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