Lockheed Martin and Boeing unveiled Defiant X Military Helicopter

Lockheed Martin and Boeing have unveiled the Defiant X advanced military helicopter. The Military helicopter Defiant X has been developed for US Army’s FLRAA (Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft. Based on the team’s SB>1 Defiant demonstrator prototype, claims to be a maneuverable and most survivable assault helicopter in history.

The purpose of FLRAA competition is to develop a medium-class multi-role assault helicopter with double speed and range of current designs. The Defiant X is equipped with coaxial main rotors and rear-mounted pusher prop. The coaxial rotors enables Defiant X to maintain good handling characteristics and eliminate the risk of retreating blade stall and uneven lift forces at high speed as same was observed in single rotor designs.

Watch more in below Defiant X video.


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