Amazon claims that its MK27-2 Delivery Drone will fly in the light Rain

In order to meet its lofty and long-held goals for drone deliveries, Amazon has been making constant improvements to the vehicles that would make them possible. Today, the business provided a first peek of their newest Prime Air delivery drone, which it claims will be lighter, quieter, and able to fly in the rain.

Amazon has developed more than two dozen prototypes and tested them in the US, UK, and Canada since the company initially proposed the notion of drone deliveries in 2013. It unveiled the MK27-2 drone earlier this year, which boasted an unusual hexagonal airframe that was said to increase flying stability. Future delivery trials in California and Texas, which are scheduled to begin later this year, will use this drone. However, the business has expanded its focus with the introduction of the MK30, a replacement for the MK27-2.


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