Now Cruise with Solar-Powered Floating Houseboat

The houseboat, known as the Fàng Sng, is solar-powered and has a tiny house-inspired interior with plenty of storage space.
The Chinese word for relaxation is where the term “Fàng Sng” comes from. The owners’ desire to live on the ocean and their first-time experience living near the coast served as the catalyst for the project. They bought a vessel and hired Crossboundaries to turn it into a tiny home fit for habitation and employment.

“Crossboundaries has re-designed a fully solar-powered motorboat with high-end, tiny-home characteristics that enable it to function as a slow-motion traveling nest,” explained the firm. “The five-year-old boat caught Marianne’s eye, its exterior’s resemblance to a bus on the water and the potential for the interior design quickly sparked her interest. With enough space for up to two persons as well as guests, it had the potential to easily become a personal retreat for re-energizing and a cozy getaway to invite friends and family.”

Given its tiny house inspiration, the interior, which occupies 62 sq m (667 sq ft) on one floor, is surprisingly spacious. The floating home has a lot of windows, much of it movable, which maximises lighting and ventilation within. Although those contrasting primary reds and yellows are not going to be to everyone’s taste, the decor appears to be quite bright and cheery.

The living area, which contains a living room with a big couch bed, shelving, and a work desk looking out a window, takes up a good amount of the available floor space. A foldable dining table that can be stored away when not in use, as well as an oven, a sink, a fridge, and a four-burner stove powered by propane, are all included in the kitchen, which appears to be well-stocked.


Over the steering wheel, a folding bed may be added, and there is plenty of underfloor storage throughout practically the entire house. There is a terrace space outside with chairs, and there is a pellet stove that can be remotely controlled by an app to meet heating demands.

While Crossboundaries claims that under ideal circumstances, the tiny houseboat is able to run entirely on solar panels and can sail for about 50 km (31 miles), every day, we don’t have any concrete numbers on the capacity of its solar panels, which are positioned on the façade and rooftop.

Future upgrades for the Fàng Sng include a water filtration system and a biological sewage treatment system, which will enable the floating home to spend more time away from the coast.


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