Ten Places to visit in Arizona

things to do in Arizona

Arizona is a US state in southwest region of  U.S and also part of Western and mountain states. There are so many tourist attractions on Arizona which attract millions of visitors every year. These tourist attractions include rocky canyons and very high mountains. Top ten tourist attractions in Arizona are listed below.

1. Tumacacori National Historical Park

places in arizona

2. Grand Canyon

things to do in Arizona

3. Antelope Canyon

tourist attractions in arizona

4. Monument Valley

unseen beauties in Arizona

5. Hoover Dam

places to visit in ARizona

6. The Canyon de Chelly National Monument

top ten places to see in Arizona

7. Jerome

what to do in Arizona

8. Glen Canyon

top ten places in Arizona

9. Sedona

mountaineer attractions in arizona

10. Havasu falls

things to do in



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