Transforming a Moldy Building into a Lush Oasis: Ambitious Renovation in Vietnam

Design studio Sava has unveiled plans to transform a dark and moldy retail building in Vietnam’s Vinh City into a vibrant green oasis. The Thavi Cosmetic Showroom, originally constructed in the early 2000s, will undergo a dramatic renovation. The client’s request for natural light, native greenery, and an inviting facade will be fulfilled through the addition of stacked concrete planters.

The renovation project involves demolishing the existing staircase and floor slab at the building’s center, creating an airy atrium space flooded with natural light from a large skylight. A decorative curved metal staircase will be installed, encircling new plants and trees, adding an aesthetic touch to the space. Greenery will also be incorporated throughout the interior, enhancing the overall ambiance.

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To further maximize daylight, the front and rear facades of the building will be opened up. A corrugated roof will be removed to make way for a rooftop terrace featuring a café and an open-air dining area. Concrete planters will be utilized on the rooftop as well, accommodating shrubs and plants.

Construction for the Thavi Cosmetic Showroom is scheduled to commence later this year, but the completion date has yet to be announced.


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