A closer look to Mercedes-Benz Intelligence Drive System

The Mercedes-Benz BAS PLUS system

When we took a short review of 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class last year, one of its innovative features was its “Intelligent Drive System.” This system was introduced to avoid accidents through a suite of sensors and computer-assisted steering and braking system. A brief video has been also released to explain how this entire system works.
To monitor cross traffic and pedestrians, the Brake Assist system BAS Plus with Cross-Traffic is equipped with stereo cameras and multi-range radar. If the system detects the risk of accident, it increases the braking power to make sure that it is sufficient to prevent from the clash or to minimize the loss or damage.

The Mercedes-Benz BAS PLUS system
The Mercedes-Benz BAS PLUS system-A part of Intelligence drive system


DISTRONIC PLUS with computer-assisted steering has been designed to help the drivers to keep the vehicle in proper lane. The system adaptive cruise control keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front at speed of up to 200 km/h. Cameras detect lane marking. Even it can prevent the vehicle to overtake from the right (in countries that drive on the right).

The Mercedes-Benz BAS PLUS system
The Mercedes-Benz BAS PLUS system

Active Lane Keeping Assistance
The system also uses multi-range radar to monitor the traffic movement on all sides, if kicking in speed over 60 km/h. If driver wants to change the lane or vehicle drift out the lane that is already occupied, the system warns in a sound and vibrates the vehicle steering. Then the system applies the brakes on the opposite wheels to return the vehicle back into its lane. This system can also identify the broken and solid line markings.

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