Transform Earth into a Breezy Sunroom and Cozy Winter Hot Tent with Instant Hub Tents

The Freespirit Hub V2 is a remarkably versatile four-season tent that can be used in any climate and terrain, whether on this planet or beyond. Designed for global exploration and year-round camping, this tent stands out with its instant wall-hub structure. It allows the tent to be set up quickly and easily, providing a spacious and comfortable sleeping area for up to four people. While the tired family is still getting out of the car, the Hub V2 is already prepared for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, its adaptable design allows for seamless transition between a fully ventilated mesh screen room, ideal for windy canyons, to a well-insulated backcountry shelter.

The Hub V2 serves various purposes, making it suitable for families or groups. It can function as a reliable shelter, an expansive awning room, or a cozy porch for a rooftop tent. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for different camping scenarios, adapting to the needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts.

Freespirit Recreation started as a fledgling company based in Bend, Oregon, where it embarked on its journey with a lightweight motorcycle trailer equipped with a tent top. In less than a decade, the company has made significant progress, relocating its operations to Golden, Colorado in the American West. During this time, they have expanded their product range extensively, offering an impressive lineup of hard- and soft-shell rooftop tents, ground tents, awnings, camp lighting, and various other camping gear and accessories. Freespirit Recreation has established itself as a reliable and innovative brand in the outdoor industry, catering to the needs of adventure seekers worldwide.

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