Enjoy Off-Grid Freedom Seriously Small The Freeland Tiny House

A model that takes small living seriously has been launched by the Spanish company Serena.House for individuals who desire their tiny homes to truly be tiny. The Freeland Tiny House, which is under 8 square metres (86 square feet) in size, has an innovative interior plan that maximises space and offers an off-the-grid option.

The Freeland Tiny House is built on a double-axle trailer and has a wood exterior. Cotton, hemp, and wood fibres are used as insulation. Large amounts of its moveable windows assist to open up the house to the outside.

Given the small amount of room available, the interior is set out on one floor with a single open living area taking up the most of the space. In fact, given its size, it would seem more appropriate as a weekend getaway or guest house than a primary residence for any but the most adamant downsizers.

When guests enter the kitchen, there is a tiny refrigerator, an oven, a two-burner propane stove, a sink, and other storage spaces that are all skillfully crammed in. The bedroom, which has a double bed with plenty of storage space beneath it, takes up the majority of the remaining floor space in the house because there isn’t a living or dining area. Additionally, it features a wardrobe unit with a built-in drop-down table.

The bathroom is located on the side of the house opposite the bedroom and has a door for privacy. It features a shower and a composting toilet that is placed on runners that resemble drawers and is stored away when not in use.

The tiny home may alternatively function completely off-the-grid with a solar power and battery array system, along with water tanks, even though it runs from an RV-style hookup as normal (the model shown in the supplied photos is the off-grid option).

The house can be delivered anywhere in the globe, according to Serena. House, and because of its size, it can be sent in a container. Those who are interested can contact the company directly for the cost.

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