10 Best Camping Trailers for Family Camping and Outdoor Adventure

No doubt camping is a wonderful and refreshing outdoor activity but when it’s a family camping then it’s awesome and exciting for the entire family. When we decide about to go for family camping adventure then the first thing in our mind is to find out a family camping trailer because the days have gone when people think about other options for their stay during family camping trip. Now there are lot of family camping trailers available in the market and can easily accommodate family of any size.

If you are searching for amazing camping trailers for your family camping then let’s explore together.

1-Boreas trailer for off-grid family camping

In the final months of Life as We Knew It, Colorado’s Boreas Campers teased a larger version of its rugged off-road squaredrop trailer. The pop-top model has finally arrived as a bigger, badder tow-everywhere Boreas micro-home that can sleep a family of five, cook a gourmet meal for the entire campground, and eliminate the dreaded blind wee-hour pee walk thanks to its indoor bathroom.


2-The Bruder XP-6

The Bruder EXP-6, one of the most imposing, no-nonsense, go-anywhere off-road camping trailers we’ve ever seen, became an internet sensation in mid-2016. We believe it could have become a real-world sensation had it not been for the six-figure price tag and limited utility to the average Joe and Jane. Bruder hasn’t figured out how to make wrecking ball-tough all-terrain caravans relevant in everyday life, but it has figured out how to save money. The all-new EXP-4 debuts as the EXP-6’s smaller, simpler, and less expensive younger sibling. It’s similar to how Bruder creates a teardrop trailer.


3-Mantis Family camping trailer

It would have been easy to dismiss Taxa Outdoors’ Cricket camping trailer as experimental art back in 2012. It looked unlike anything else out there and didn’t appear to appeal to the masses. However, small, quirky camping trailers have grown in popularity since then, and Taxa has grown alongside them, adding smaller, much smaller, and larger options to its lineup. It’s now revamping that lineup for the 2020 model year, with the flagship Mantis getting a new multifunctional indoor/outdoor dining area, rear access hatch, and pop-up roof design. Taxa’s largest family trailer is still experimental art, but it has more real-world functionality than ever before.


4-The Timberline Camping Trailer

We were impressed with Homegrown Trailers’ debut model last year, and the company has just unveiled a larger version of its wooden trailer that could be a good fit for people who want to go camping with the whole family, full-time RV-dwellers, or those looking for extra guest quarters for their home. The Timberline can sleep up to six people and can run on or off the grid.


5-Dekpod Family Camping Trailer

Typically, a camping trailer tongue box will carry a battery and possibly some tools, but the designers at Australia’s HUTrv have packed an entire kitchen and bathroom into their caravan’s oversized tongue box. The Dekpod expandable module, which swings open at camp to reveal a fully equipped kitchen and wet bath, packs neatly away as if it’s part of the main trailer body. This frees up the main cabin to sleep four to five people, allowing the caravan to live in a much larger space than it tows.


6- Cricket Trailer for Family Camping

The Cricket Trailer is the result of NASA engineering colliding with camping trailers. This unusually shaped trailer is intended to be towed by a variety of vehicles and to provide you with exactly what you need without the extras you don’t.

Garrett Finney has had an interest in small, outdoor-connected living spaces since he was a child in the 1970s. That passion became a logical career path for him as a NASA engineer working on habitation modules for the International Space Station. But he later decided that he wanted to channel some of that energy into something closer to home. The Cricket Trailer is that something.


7- Dunraven Family Camping Trailer

The new Trail Ridge caravan from Colorado startup Dunraven brings clean aluminium design and cosy living to camp. It’s more stylish than any bus-size fifth-wheel or triple-axle, but it still has enough room for the whole family. The 18-foot (5.5-m) all-aluminum box trailer is intended for families who want to fully enjoy the outdoors rather than simply park their trailers there. It has an outdoor kitchen, an off-grid power system, and a standing-height interior sleeping five to six people.


8-Beauer 3X Plus

Back in 2015, we looked at the Beauer 3X, one of the most impressive camping trailers we’d ever seen. This French-designed pod tows like any teardrop or small trailer, but when you get to camp, it expands to three times its original size. It aims to be the best of both worlds: small and easy to tow while still being roomy and comfortable to live in. At the recent CMT show, we saw the 3X for the first time in person and learned that Beauer has built the first 3X Plus. The Plus, which was only a rendering when we last checked, is now a large, fully constructed six-person camper with the same style of triple-expanding design as the smaller 3X.


9-RKS Off-Road Family Camping Trailer

The roof of the short, sturdy Purpose Trailer from California’s RKS Off-Road is unlike any other you’re likely to see at the campground with a pop-up that resembles a chimney and a bimini-topped party deck. In fact, it can support up to 1,000 lb (454 kg), allowing a group of friends to chill out during the day for better views, with a pair staying overnight to camp in the deployable tent. The interior is designed in a hybrid caravan/teardrop style, with standing height where you need it and lying height where you don’t.


10-Adorable Beachy Family Camping Trailer

Taxa Outdoors has made a name for itself in recent years by incorporating NASA small-living know-how into a line of unique trailers. It all began with the original Cricket trailer, and the company has continued to go smaller and smaller with trailers and living modules such as the TigerMoth, Woolly Bear, and Firefly. The new Mantis, an 18-foot (5.5-meter) flagship that sleeps four adults in backcountry bliss, takes the company in a bigger direction.

After seeing last year’s Outdoor Retailer’s simple, ground tent-topped Woolly Bear, it seemed unlikely that Taxa would continue to go smaller without entering the non-camping cargo trailer or bike camping trailer markets. But there’s always room for growth, and Taxa has introduced a three-story trailer this time.

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