Have a look on From the Garden House by KWK Promes

Firms make home then create a landscaped garden in the home. But “From the Garden House” by KWK Promes is a luxury home fit around a mature landscaped garden. The owner bought fallow land a decade ago and then started gardening there. Latter on he asked the firm to build a house. KWK Promes is know for unusual residential projects. There are many other project created by the firm like By the Way House and Quadrant House.

“From The Garden House project was an unusual experience for us,” KWK Promes explained.

“He wanted to be able to enjoy the garden to its full extent after the completion of the construction and moving in. Plants need much more time to reach their target size than it takes to build even such a large house. You might plant big trees after all, however, it is costly and not environmentally friendly.”

The architecture is spread over an area of 1500 sq meter and includes concrete and glazed facade. Being inspired by landscaping ” From The Garden House” is surrounded by garden and lake. It features atrium at its center creating a private garden containing a plants and trees.
There is indoor swimming pool in the house.
The glazed facade offers a view of garden from most rooms.
There are many ponds, pathways and private areas in the house.
The long way drive leads to garage.
Image gallery of From the House of Garden

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