Zeltini’s Z-Triton is offbeat Mini Cycling Camper that Floats on water


Based at Zeltiņi Parish, Latvia, ZELTINI studio is a design & prototyping workshop with a vision to better the world with its products and services. They strive to create sustainable business and products that add value or at least has a minimum effects on our planet’s resources.

The firm has designed a floating and cycling micro camper dubbed Z-Triton which is currently in the prototype stage. Measuring 11.8 x 3.93 x 5 feet (3.6 x 1.2 x 1.55 m) volume, it can accommodate two individuals and a small dog. Having a steel frame, it is finished in plywood / fiberglass and some 3D printed parts.


The Z-Triton features a 250 w electric motor which gets energy from a 36-V battery and can go up to 40 km (25 miles) once fully charged through six solar panels. Other features comprise lighting system, USB charging ports, disc brakes, umbrella, two water bottle carriers, passenger seating, a coffee cup, and a convertible pet seat.



When used as a boat, it comprises a 12-V Electric outboard trolling motor that has a range of approximately 10 km (6 miles).Its cockpit is on the other side to the tricycle seat and offers a dashboard with controls. Other features includes Z-shaped steering wheel, windshield wiper, a winch and extra seats. Z-Triton can sail through a calm lake when its three wheels are folded up and tiny inflatable wings are attached for extra stability.




At night, the time to eat and sleep, it has a folding kitchen and dining table with some storage space. The interior creates a bedroom when the seats are removed and stored.




Currently, Zeltini is testing it thoroughly in all conditions with a target to touch the market by mid-2021, however, other updates about the product are still awaited.


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