Living Vehicle Camping Trailer Can Charge EV for Wild Adventure

Designed for both short and long-term trips, Californian outfit Living has introduced has introduced latest version of its travel trailer which is equipped with upgraded energy system to enjoy more while living off-grid. One of its model from four variants, the flagship is equipped with big solar energy system to charge EV while enjoying adventure in the wild and making remote adventures.

Living Vehicle was captured first back in 2017 shimmering aluminum shelled trailer, which was designed for off-grid living, then again in 2020 reassembling a luxury mini-apartment. Now the 2022 model features more anodized aluminum skin being three time harder for more protection against aging, chipping and peeling.  Living vehicle is spanned over floorspace of 232 sq-ft across kitchen. Kitchen carries a three-burner oven and all-electric solar fridge while bathroom is equipped with rainfall shower. Sleeping area features queen-sized bed and skylight installed for stargazing.

It features generous windows, skylights and sliding glass to enjoy surrounding views. A button-push controlled deck is lowered there to enjoy outdoor in comfort. Then deck can be raised on side of the trailer while leaving the location.

To push boundaries more for off-grid living, the Living Vehicle is equipped with 100-gal water tank, 80 lb of propane and a compost toilet. There are also waterproof and scratch-resistant floors and a dedicated food area for pet in hallway cupboard.

“Mobile living is a thrill all its own and one that is right for the times,” says Living Vehicle co-founder Joanna Hofmann. “With our new 2022 Living Vehicle, owners have everything they need to discover the wonders that wait around the next bend, and enjoy them in luxury and style.”

There are three models other than PRO-EV. These models are equipped with less power energy system however upgradeable along with the optional features like home theaters, mobile connectivity, hi-fi audio and remote security. Pricing for entry-level models is around US$250000 while the top PRO-EV will cost around US$500,000 depending on options.


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