As a matter of fact, there are many people out there who would love to have a small but beautiful home in order to overcome their extravagant lifestyle leading them towards bank overdraft and loan credits.

Although one is able to buy the small amazing and beautifully-constructed home by himself, one can ensure the saving of the economic or financial resources in case he can make the small house himself.

It has been researched that on average, the cost of making the home on the basis of do-it-yourself would turn out to be $23000 in the best possible manner.

But this is not an exact or fixed estimation or cost required to make the small home. One can build the home while saving the major chunk of the above-mentioned estimated money.

For that, we will have to look at the mentioned 5 tiny homes that have been made in the price range of $500 to $12000. These tiny homes will certainly give you the best instances of the homes that can be kept in mind while making the new home for yourself.

It must be noted that the prices of the homes may vary on the basis of when and where you build the home.


Macy Miller bought the traditional vehicle at the cost of $500 followed by changing it into an amazingly built home with an area of the 196-square-foot made up of upcycled stuff.

This house has been said to be associated with the composting toilet, less expensive, and affordable characteristics. What has made the things seem more beautiful is the small abode that is surrounded by the radiant floor heating.

Since it was effectively designed and put in place, the tiny house turned out to be a comfortable house for his family to the greatest extent.



Dave Herrle made the beautiful promise to his wife claiming that he would help her get the tiny or treehouse. He fulfilled his promise and made the treehouse that has become their 2nd house.

The best part is when this treehouse cost him around $4,000 while 6 weeks were required to construct the home which couldn’t have been made possible without the unparalleled craftsmanship demonstrated on the part of the Herrle.

This tiny house is surrounded by the wooden hillside having the above- the-land deck and natural wood and most importantly, aluminum roofing.



This beautiful home was constructed with the help of a paper-mâché balloon base. The concrete is supposed to be filled with the air pump bladder and steel rebar mechanism.

The bladder has to be deflated in an attempt to expose the resilient home which has the potential to withstand extreme weather conditions in the form of high winds or earthquakes that were earlier used for the purpose of providing much-needed shelters like auxiliary school classrooms.




In case you want to have your personal beautiful vacation home, then there is a wide range of firms helping clients to create building frameworks for tiny houses. This home has been 153-square-long foot vacation associated with the 47-square foot porch costing $3,200.



Scott Brooks made this tiny amazing customized home costing around $500. It has the capacity to remain comfortable with a size of 83 square feet. In order to reduce the cost of construction, he used a picture window.