Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition

airstream travel van

The Airstream Tommy Bahama special edition has been designed for touring Pacific Coast Highway and provide island flavor to continental highways and backways. Its shiny aluminum design gets a splash of beach-inspired styling and equipments including surfboard styling dining table. Take it with your SUV and enjoy your own personal beach house where ever you travel.

Its spread over 8.5 M trailer equipped with all facilities of personal beach house.

“Airstream founder Wally Byam was an innovator and a lover of the outdoors, who believed in an enduring promise of adventure, new experiences and faraway lands,” Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler explains in a press release. “That same freedom-loving spirit is also deeply woven into the essence of Tommy Bahama, and together we are on a mission to inspire travelers to get out there and experience all the road has to offer.”

airstream travel van


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