Charming Tiny House with Front Porch Reading Area: A Nostalgic Retreat

Baluchon, the French firm known for its contemporary tiny house designs, has taken a different approach with their latest creation. The Miss Twain Tiny House, named after the owner’s admiration for Mark Twain, embraces a more traditional design reminiscent of the origins of the small living movement.

Measuring just 6 m (20 ft) in length, the Miss Twain Tiny House sits on a double axle trailer and features a charming porch area dedicated to reading. The exterior is adorned with red cedar siding, complemented by an aluminum roof. While not the tiniest option available, it is notably compact, measuring half the length of recent larger models seen in North America.

The porch itself, although small, provides a cozy space with enough room for a chair. It serves as an entry point to the living room, which offers a sofa bed for guests, a wood-burning stove, a coffee table, and a generously-sized operable window.


Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen, equipped with a drop-down dining table for two, a sink, a fridge, a two-burner propane-powered stove, a microwave, and ample cabinetry. Additionally, a substantial storage unit is included in this space. Connecting to the kitchen is a petite bathroom, featuring basic amenities such as a toilet and a shower. Notably, the absence of a wash basin means individuals will need to use the kitchen sink for handwashing, which may raise hygiene concerns.


In summary, Baluchon’s Miss Twain Tiny House deviates from their usual contemporary style to embrace a traditional design. With its compact size, charming porch, and well-utilized interior space, this tiny house offers a cozy and functional living experience.


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