Say Goodbye to Water Hoses with this Portable 90-Minute Washer/Dryer

Eeva is a compact and efficient laundry machine designed to simplify your laundry process. Measuring about 3.5-ft (1.07-m) tall and 2-ft (0.61-m) wide, this machine can be placed where you would normally keep your laundry basket. It is water and energy-efficient and can wash and dry a load of laundry in just 90 minutes. Eeva is perfect for small spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, caravans, or RVs, as it does not require any hoses.

Eeva is capable of handling 8-9-lb (3-3.5-kg) loads and can be used with or without a water hose and drainage. If these are not available, you can fill and empty a 2.5-gallon canister from a tap and use the specially developed detergent provided by the creators, Paradigm Evergreen in Miami. A full wash/dry cycle only uses around 300 Watt-hours of energy, making it ideal for long trips with a caravan or RV without draining the battery too much.

The machine operates quietly and “deals with hot moisture internally,” preventing hot and humid air from being vented into the room. An LCD touchscreen and smartphone app make it easy to choose between modes and track water, energy, and carbon emissions saved compared to a regular washer/dryer.

Eeva can be pre-ordered now at a launch special price of US$899, including 60 washes’ worth of detergent. Deliveries are expected in October, but the company will only be delivering in North America at this time. As with all crowdfunding campaigns, it’s essential to exercise caution before placing an order. You can opt for other suitable brands of detergent after the first supply runs out.

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