Light-filled Coastal Modern Tiny House Provides its Maximum Floorspace to its Residents

While just being 24 feet (7.3 metres) long, the Coastal Modern makes up for its small size with a versatile and well-lit interior. Many storage spaces and foldable furnishings are included in the compact house, which also has a living room that serves as a guest bedroom.

Modern Small Living designed the Coastal Modern, which is based on a double-axle trailer. It has a steel roof, cedar siding, and vinyl flooring inside. The walls are tongue and groove poplar.

Via double glass doors, visitors to the house enter the living area. This is dominated by a U-shaped seating area with ample built-in storage that can also be made into a double bed for visitors who want to sleep there.

The kitchen is next to the living room. Since it will be used as a guest house, it doesn’t need a fully functional kitchen, thus it is on the simpler side for a North American tiny house (there isn’t an oven, for example). It has a refrigerator/freezer, farmhouse-style sink, and a few stackable appliances. There is also a useful table that can be folded away if more floor space is required and serves as both a workspace and an eating table.

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The kitchen is next to the toilet. It is accessed by a sliding bookcase rather than a sliding door, offering a little bit more storage space. The lavatory is equipped with a shower, a sink, and an incinerating toilet, which, as its name implies, burns waste to get rid of it.

The Coastal Modern has one bedroom, which is reached through a storage-integrated stairway. It is a standard loft-style bedroom with a low ceiling, a king-sized bed, and a bespoke bookcase for additional storage and added privacy.

The Coastal Modern offers a wide range of options, appliances, and finishes, as well as off-the-grid capabilities. The price of the precise model displayed is unknown, but the company’s custom small homes start at US$59,000.

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