All-aluminumEbike camping Trailer Maxmess Martha is a Tiniest micro RV

Cycling a camping trailer looked like too much calf-torturing squeeze for the juice – an awful amount of weight and girth behind the back wheel for a minor comfort improvement over a much lighter, more packable tent or hammock. Towable bike RVs, however, are gradually becoming a more appealing (and accessible) choice with the introduction of ebikes. The most recent is a single-person, angular teardrop built entirely of aluminium that has all the amenities found in modern RVs, including a solar-powered battery, electrical command centre, skylight, hanging dishes, and an indoor/outdoor table.

Europe has long been a global pioneer in the design of tiny RVs, offering several wonderful and economical camper vans and small motorhomes. And while a new kind of automobile gains popularity throughout the continent, it’s also emerging as a global innovator in the creation of a yet more diminutive species of RV: the bicycle/ebike camper.

With the release of today’s topic, a single drop trailer known as Fahrrad Wohnwagen “Martha,” created by Wernigerode-based Maxmess Design, we can now give Germany another point on the board. The name translates to “Bicycle Caravan Martha,” but we’ll just call her “Martha” to keep things straightforward.

The Martha trailer’s shape is undoubtedly less elegant or charming than the circular Mody or Wide Path bicycle campers, but it is more functional than beautiful. Maxmess acknowledges that the form is just simpler to produce than a more rounded teardrop.

In keeping with that idea, Maxmess selected a 2-m (6.6-ft) body length to make it easier to employ ordinary 2-m aluminium sheets while sustaining 195 cm (77 in) of internal length to house the 193 x 76 x 7-cm (76 x 30 x 2.6-in) mattress large enough to accommodate an average-sized adult. The trailer body’s high ceiling is 100 cm (39 in) above the ground, providing a generous amount of headroom.


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